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Silver Triangles 1.jpg

Sultan Car Showroom,

Astana, Kazakhstan

Pendant Ring Cluster, mounted above the reception desk. 

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MoQ, Doha, Qatar

Wall of Egrets, lighting feature. Nine illuminated Egrets, flying from vertical water fall feature

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Number One, Lagos, Nigeria

The Number One  building feature façade and office reception lighting

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Mega 2, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Pendant Sun luminaire featuring with inner glowing  colour change globe and overlapping CNC pierced pentagon and hexagon outer matrix.

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The Horton Chapel Project, Epsom, UK

The Horton Chapel in Epsom is being transformed into a Performing Arts Centre, giving Artists and Performers the opportunity to show the world their skills and abilities.

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2011-11-25 16.46.20.jpg

Tirana East Gate, Tirana, Albania

Building lighting and large scale illuminated signage.

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Vola Park, Warsaw, Poland

Interior Lighting Sculptures 

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Sun Plaza, Bucharest, Romania.

Large elliptical pendant spotlight gantry using acrylic laminate panels. 21 m *12 m 

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