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Phorellia Cambessa

Phorellia Cambessa is a flower form possessing mystical powers found on planet Tonkaya. It is an important destination for those seeking spiritual healing and physical strength. It is said an inner strength can be gained from bathing in the waters surrounding the flower and when in full bloom the body is protected from soft blue mist for many days after exposure to its pollen. It is also believed those who drink the sap from the plant can never be slain by the Grotanna, a beast half gorilla, half crocodile.

flower 11.jpg

Artwork for computer games

Inserted into modular destination session, providing reward and stage completion status

flower 5.jpg

Artwork for computer games

The basin only fills with water once a year after the rainy season, after that a drought covers the land and the plants powers are ineffective.

flower 2.jpg
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